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Power Equipment Training Courses

Green Frog Genovate has available facilities for training in Leeds. These now include a dedicated test room, enabling you to become familiar with the products, develop your understanding of best practice, familiarise yourself with both gas and diesel generator technology and improve your ability to deal with compliance issues.

This training area has been developed as a result of the company’s long-term view and commitment to providing assistance throughout the life cycle your power equipment requirements.
The training team offers a range of courses that are tailored to develop both theoretical and practical skills, with content designed to meet your requirements.


Genovate offers expert services for power system start-up, troubleshooting, parts, repair and maintenance for all makes of gas and diesel engines and generator sets. Supported by engineers and technicians, our policies assure that expert help is always available. We also provide value-added services such as training and system upgrades to support the operation of your power facility.

Maintenance and Operations Agreements

Our serviceagreements can provide some or all of your operating and maintenance needs, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We can guarantee power system up-time, parts, maintenance, and operation and maintenance costs for one year, five years or 15 years for total peace of mind.

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Our experienced team have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to manage complex projects providing a complete solution. They undertake all mechanical, electrical installations and commissioning work, removing the need for clients to source a range of different contractors.

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