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Our hybrid generators are designed to provide silent overnight power. Depending on the model, they are ideally suited for connecting to diesel generators of various power rating.

Genovates hybrid generators consist of a duel fuel management system to produce uninterruptable power supplies. Designed to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce fuel consumption by up to 70%. Independent off-grid with solar and wind.

However many Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) have either an unreliable or non-existent grid supply, so these sites rely on diesel generators to provide essential power.

Operators of course need to control their operating and maintenance costs. This has become increasingly difficult in the face of rising fuel cost and the logistical challenges of keeping diesel gensets running 24/7.

In regions where grid power is unreliable, BTS sites are equipped with a single generator operating in Auto Mains Failure (AMF) for backup power. However, off grid sites require two gensets operating alternately to ensure continuous power. A GF Hybrid system, allows a single genset to be used in conjunction with a solar powered battery array capable of supporting the BTS for a minimum of 24hrs. The GF Hybrid system delivers unmatched reliability and reduces the fuelling and maintenance costs of off grid BTS sites by some 75%.

Adding a renewable energy source increase the battery cycling time and reduces the run time of the diesel genset, extending the lifespan of both pieces of equipment. Key to the GF hybrid system is the optimisation controller, which is programmed to reduce the genset running time to an absolute minimum.

We have developed in house, with our controls partner, a logic protocol that monitors the battery charge/level and input of renewable generation, to ensure the site load requirements are met while minimising run hours on the generator.

In the absence of sufficient energy from the solar PV the BTS site will operate on the battery array until it reaches a minimum threshold charge 30%, (which is the equivalent of 8 hours of operation) to cover the unlikely event that the genset should fail to start. At 30% charged the genset starts and supplies both the site load and recharging current to the battery using a variable speed, engine/alternator.

GF Hybrid Power Ltd provides a custom turn-key power solution for the Telecoms sector using Solar-Battery Hybrid technology. Hybrid technology is now the leading power solution for telecoms base stations, reducing fuelling, OPEX and CAPEX.

In General BTS sites run on 48VDC. This is voltage is easily configured and matched using standard 12V gel type or Lithium-ion batteries. The system works by optimising the use of the battery array and solar panels. The battery is charged by solar PV panels during the day, which also run the BTS in day light hours. As darkness approaches the system switches over to battery supply which then supplies the power throughout the night. Should the PV panels not have fully charged the batteries, because of adverse weather for example, the generator set will switch in and run the BTS whilst also completing the charging of the battery array.

The typical BTS genset runtime is reduced to 12-14 hours per week, with major savings in fuel consumption- up to 70-80% compared with a standard configuration and extending the intervals between site visits six fold.

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