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Ranging from 25kW to 10MW in a single unit, our gas generators are easy to install, operate, service and maintain. These gas generators can be connected in parallel with the grid or as a single unit (island) operation. The advantages of using gas are far lower running costs, reduced environmental impact, high efficiency with a virtual smoke free operation as well as being quick and easy to install.

The combustion of natural gas is cleaner than from conventional fossil fuels. The patented fuel system and advanced engine design ensure emission regulations are met. Compared to diesel generators, gas generators have a much lower Sulphur, NOx and Greenhouse gas emission content. The reduction in environmental impact is not only confined to lower emission levels but also eliminates the need for diesel storage tanks or fuel tanker delivery vehicles. GF Genovates gas generators are ideal for either emergency or planned maintenance or to meet peak season power requirements where a temporary solution is the most cost-effective option.

As the UK Government intends energy suppliers to be subject to a Renewables Obligation until 31 March 2027, the use of gas generators can assist suppliers to meet their obligations by presenting sufficient Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and receive Government incentives

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GF Genovate is SIEMENS Authorised

GF Genovate is delighted to be the chosen authorised distributor and service provider for SIEMENS reciprocating engine business in the United Kingdom. GF Genovate demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to provide quality service and support for all SIEMENS products in the field of gas or cogeneration.

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Our experienced team have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to manage complex projects providing a complete solution. They undertake all mechanical, electrical installations and commissioning work, removing the need for clients to source a range of different contractors.

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