Diesel Generators - Green Frog Genovate

Ranging from 6kVA to 3000kVA in a single unit, our portfolio of diesel generators is easy to install, operate, service and maintain. These diesel generators can be connected in parallel with the grid or as a single unit (island) operation.

The advantages of using diesel is typically more torque and diesel engine parts are generally stronger than gas engine components, and diesel fuel has superior lubricating properties.

We design, manufacture and supply specialist generators for a mission critical applications without compromise, as GF Genovates engineers advise you which is the best sized standby or prime powered generator for your application.

Supported by warranty, GF Genovates diesel generators are ideal for either emergency or planned maintenance or to meet peak season power requirements where a temporary solution is the most cost-effective option.

Having you own standby generator guaranteeselectricity when the grid fails; if serviced and maintained properly your own power supply won’t fail.


GF Genovate is Authorise

GF Genovate is delighted to be the chosen authorised distributor and service provider for SDMO reciprocating engine business in the United Kingdom. GF Genovate demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to provide quality service and support for all SDMO products in the field of diesel generation.

For all Standby Emergency Power Systems enquiries please call: 0800 689 0597

Our experienced team have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to manage complex projects providing a complete solution. They undertake all mechanical, electrical installations and commissioning work, removing the need for clients to source a range of different contractors.

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